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Bobby Caldwell Release List
bullet Cool Uncle CD | Cool Uncle Vinyl
bullet After Dark
bullet House of Cards
bullet Live at the Blue Note Tokyo
bullet Perfect Island Nights
bullet Time and Again - The Anthology Part II
bullet Come Rain or Come Shine
bullet Timeline: The Anthology Part I
bullet Blue Condition
bullet Soul Survivor
bullet Where is love
bullet Stuck on You
bullet Heart of Mine
bullet August Moon
bullet Carry On
bullet Cat in the Hat
bullet What You Won't Do For Love
bullet The Consummate Bobby Caldwell

Timeline - The Anthology Part I
Format: CD
Release: 1998
Sin-Drome Records, Ltd.
01 My Flame
02 Coming Down From Love
03 Loving You
04 Jamaica
05 Real Thing
06 Even Now
07 Don't Lead Me On
08 Show Me Your Devotion (Duet with Marilyn Scott)
09 Once Upon A Time
10 I Give In
11 Don't Ask My Neighbor
12 Let It Be Me
13 Baby, It's Cold Outside (Duet w/ Vanessa Williams)
14 Tell It Like It Is
(Duet with Michael Lington)
15 Good To Me
16 What You Won't Do For Love
(New 20th Anniversary Edition)

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