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Viewpoint by Holly the Bulldog


There is still snow on the ground here in New Jersey, but I can tell spring is coming! 

Bobby has been traveling.  He was at Sculler's in Boston, Jazz Alley in Seattle, and Rossi's Blue Star in Minneapolis.  He really enjoyed these shows.  He said the crowds were great.  He had not been to Boston in years, and he can't wait to get back there!

The family made a special trip to Minneapolis.  Bobby, Mary, Katie and Lauren all went to Rossi's.  (I had to stay home in NJ with my Gram.)  It was a big weekend for Katie and Lauren because they got to go on stage with Bobby and the band.  They sang background vocals on "I Need Your Love".  Then Lauren sang background vocals on "Good To Me", while Katie played rhythm guitar.  I have included some photos of the girls on stage. 

They had such a good time, and they said the people in Minneapolis were wonderful!  They also raved about the food at Rossi's!  The whole family said everything from the bread basket to the outrageous desserts were The Best!  I wish I was there!!!

Next Bobby will be appearing in "Celebrating The Music of Marvin Gaye & Motown" in Long Island and Connecticut.  He will also be close to home this summer (June 27th) on The CD101.9 Smooth Cruise in NYC.  Lots of fun!




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