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Viewpoint - by Holly the Bulldog - Fall 2006



Hi Everyone!

It's hard to believe the summer is over. This year we had a cool, dry summer here in New Jersey. I spent a lot of time sleeping under the tree by the pool. Early in the summer I lost my dear friend, Mandy. She was a 16 year old Maltese. Now it's just me and the horses, and of course the people. There are usually a lot of people around our house.

We had a bunch of barbeques this summer. In fact, we even have the grill going in the winter too. Bobby has been cooking like crazy. He's cooked so much great food that I had to go on a diet! I am also trying to exercise more. I like to play fetch and tug-a-war with Bobby. Us bulldogs have a pretty strong grip, so I can give him a good fight.

I have loads of fun, even though I have epilepsy. I take medication for it, but once in a while I get sick. One time Bobby had to rush me to the all night dog hospital and carry me into the emergency room. He's really great in an emergency. If anyone around here gets sick, he's the in-house medic!

When Bobby isn't home, he's off doing shows. I wish I could go to see one of his shows because I know everyone has fun! Bobby and the family went to Washington, DC for the 4th of July. He sang with the United States Army big band right next to the Washington Monument. After Bobby did his show the fireworks started. Everybody loved it! The family spent several days in Washington to see all of the monuments and visit the Smithsonian. Then they went to California, Las Vegas and Saratoga Springs (for the horseracing). They love horseracing, and Bobby always wins!

Bobby just got back from Nashville, where he sang with The Nashville Symphony. They did a tribute to Ray Charles. Bobby sang, "You Don't Know Me", "I've Got a Woman", "Hit the Road Jack", and "Georgia on My Mind". Bobby's friend, Ellis Hall, was there too. He's a great singer and piano player. Bobby said it was a blast!

I'm hearing a lot of music around the house, and they are talking about a number of projects. I don't really know much about the projects, but they are working for many hours. Sometimes I make Bobby take a break to play with me.

I miss him when he travels. He will go to Japan in November. I have heard Japan is a great place with excellent food! In late November and December Bobby will be doing a number of shows with his friends, Brian Culbertson, Warren Hill, Ray Parker Jr. and Eric Darius. The name of the show is "A Soulful Christmas". Bobby would love to see all of you at the shows!

I hope all of you had a fun summer. I'll keep you posted about Bobby. He's my number one guy!

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